The Gaza Crisis: A Human Perspective

The people of Gaza live under constant fear as Israeli forces continue their relentless assault

Life Under Threat

Yoav Gallant, Israel’s Defense Minister, praises the operations that have hit 11,000 targets in Gaza.

Israel’s Offensive

Over 10,000 civilian casualties have been reported, highlighting the human cost of the conflict.

Civilian Casualties

242 hostages from 25 different countries, including America, are yet to be released. Their families live in a state of constant worry.

The Hostage Situation

The hostage situation has put international pressure on Israel. President Biden calls for a humanitarian pause.

International Pressure

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken faces backlash over U.S. policy on Israel. He calls for a humanitarian pause and plans to personally deliver this message to West Asia.

US got backlash

A senior Hamas official threatens more attacks, adding to the fear and uncertainty among the people.

Threats from Hamas

Amidst the political and military turmoil, the people of Gaza strive for survival and peace.

The People’s Struggle