Tata Electronics Pvt Ltd (TEPL) has acquired Wistron's operations in India. The Tata Group will officially begin manufacturing iPhones for both domestic and global markets.

Tata Group's Entry into Apple's Ecosystem

Wistron operates four assembly lines dedicated to the production of the iPhone 14 at their plant situated in the Kolar industrial area. This facility is home to a dedicated workforce of approximately 14,000 to 15,000 employees.

A Glimpse into Wistron's Indian Operations

Apple exported an impressive $5 billion worth of goods from India in 2022. Furthermore, Apple has unveiled plans to manufacture a substantial 25% of its global units within India over the next four to five years.

Apple's Strategic Diversification and India's Growing Significance

During the June 2023 quarter, Apple overtook Samsung to become the leading smartphone exporter from India.

Apple's Rise as a Leading Smartphone Exporter in India

Apple started smartphone assembly in India in 2017, focusing on entry-level phones. A major shift occurred in 2021-22 when iPhone 14 models began production locally.

India Emerges as a Key Manufacturing Hub

The move aligns seamlessly with the overarching goals of the Indian government, particularly championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to bolster local manufacturing.

Government Initiatives Fueling India's Rise in Manufacturing

Apple, like other Western firms, aims to reduce reliance on China for production due to US-China trade disputes and global trade restrictions.

Reducing the Dependency on China

This historic partnership between Tata Group and Apple foretells a bright and promising future for the Indian electronics industry and the global market.

A Bright Future for India's Electronics Industry and the Global Market