Putin partially withdrew from the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), showcasing Russia’s nuclear power through a simulated triple nuclear strike drill


 Russia’s parliament voted for a partial CTBT withdrawal, enabling Russia to resume nuclear testing

The Political Strike

Russia demonstrated its nuclear capabilities by launching an intercontinental ballistic missile from a spaceport, firing a Sineva ballistic missile from a submarine, and test-firing air-launched cruise missiles from Tu-95 MS long-range strategic bombers. This three-pronged retaliatory nuclear strike drill was overseen by Putin himself.

The Nuclear Strike Drill

The drill involved various strategic assets of the Russian Armed Forces, including the mobile group missile system, strategic missile submarines, and long-range missile carriers.

The Training

 The CTBT, adopted in 1996, bans all nuclear tests. While Russia had ratified the treaty in 2000, the US has yet to do so. Frustrated by this inequality, Russia decided to rescind its ratification.

The Treaty

 Valentina Matvienko, Speaker of the Russian Upper Chamber Parliament, stated that if the US continues to neglect its obligations, there is no point in Russia participating in this “sham” agreement. She called for necessary actions to restore justice and international stability.

The Rescindment

This development raises questions about its implications for ongoing conflicts such as the war in Ukraine and its impact on global stability.


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