A series of devastating earthquakes have struck Western Nepal, causing significant loss of life and leaving many homeless.

Nepal Earthquake: A Catastrophe Unfolding

The nation has been experiencing aftershocks, including a significant one that occurred today, measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale.

The Nightmare Continues

The geographical processes that formed the Himalayas are responsible for the frequent earthquakes in countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Why Are Earthquakes Common in this Region?

The current state of Western Nepal is dire, with dozens dead, hundreds of homes in ruins, and thousands sleeping in the open.

The Humanitarian Crisis

The lack of connectivity may cause the death toll to rise in the days to come. At present, it stands at about 150, with over 180 people injured.

The Future

The deadliest quake in recent years took place in April 2015, leaving over 9,000 people dead and dealing a severe blow to Nepal's economy.

The Deadliest Quake in Recent Years

Friday's earthquake may not have the same impact as the 2015 quake, but it's just as devastating for those caught in the epicenter.

Friday's Earthquake