Nepal's government has banned the Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok, due to concerns about its impact on social harmony. The decision was announced after a Cabinet meeting, with immediate effect.

The ban comes in response to 1,647 reported cases of cybercrime related to TikTok over the past four years. The government emphasized the need to regulate the app to prevent disruptions to social harmony and the circulation of indecent materials.

In 2023, Nepal introduced new rules requiring social media platforms to establish offices in the country within three months or face shutdown. This move aligns with similar actions taken by India and several other countries.

Tensions between Nepal and China extend beyond TikTok. Nepal is investigating the construction of the Pokhara International Airport, financed by Chinese loans totaling $216 million, over allegations of inflated project costs and prioritizing China's business interests.

China unilaterally declared the airport as part of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a move rejected by Nepal. The investigation continues as Nepal seeks transparency and accountability in foreign-financed projects.

Nepal's actions reflect its commitment to social harmony, online platform regulation, and scrutiny of foreign-financed infrastructure projects, highlighting the complex dynamics between Nepal and China.