NAVRATRI: A time of devotion and celebration. It's a nine-day festival dedicated to Mother Goddess Durga therefore it is called Navratri , with each night honoring a different form of the divine mother.

Navratri begins with Kalash Sthapana. The Nine Divine Forms: Each day is dedicated to a unique form of Maa Durga, culminating in Dasshera.

Chanting specific mantras for each form of Maa Durga infuses the atmosphere with divine energy and invites blessings. Reading spiritual texts like Durga Chaalisa and Durga Kavach is highly beneficial. Consult with a Pandit for guidance.

Navratri ends with Samapan and Kanya Poojan. Young girls are worshipped as Goddesses, and the ritual concludes with blessings and gifts. It's time for spiritual growth, devotion, and celebration. JAI MATA DI!