On the 21st day of the Israel-Hamas war, Israeli infantry initiated ground action in the Gaza Strip, marking a significant escalation in the conflict.

Prelude to the Invasion

Israel claimed to have destroyed Hamas missile launch sites and command centers, setting the stage for a full-blown invasion.

Impact of the Raid

Yoav Gallant indicated that Israel is prepared for a full-scale invasion but is waiting for the right conditions.

Israeli Defence Minister's Statement

A recent poll showed a shift in public opinion, with 49% of Israelis wanting to hold off the invasion.

Public Opinion in Israel

The EU leaders called for a humanitarian pause to allow aid, highlighting the serious deterioration of the humanitarian situation.

International Response

Arab nations pushed for a ceasefire resolution at the UN General Assembly.

The UN General Assembly

Hospitals are running out of beds and food and electricity are running low. UN aid agencies have reduced their operations due to lack of fuel.

The Situation in Gaza

The death toll remains disputed. Officials in Gaza claim over 7,000 people have died, but US President Biden disputes this number.

Death Toll Discrepancies