India-Canada Diplomatic Row:

Parity Demands and Ongoing Tensions

Diplomatic Dispute:

Canada has decided to pull out 41 of its diplomats from India, complying with New Delhi's demand for parity in diplomatic presence.

New Delhi argued that Canada's presence in India was three times higher than India's presence in Canada, prompting a demand for a reduction in Canadian diplomats in India.

   Presence Disparity

India maintains that its actions align with Article 11.1 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which allows countries to determine the size of foreign missions unless there is an existing agreement stating otherwise.

Vienna Convention

Visa services are expected to slow down, with in-person services suspended in Chandigarh, Mumbai, and Bangalore. This change may result in a substantial backlog, impacting up to 17,500 applications by December.

Visa Services Impact

 A recent poll indicates that 57% of Canadians want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step down amid criticism for his handling of the India-Canada diplomatic row.

     Public Opinion

the ongoing diplomatic tensions between India and Canada highlight the complex dynamics between nations and could have significant implications for both countries.