Homelessness is particularly pronounced in several major U.S. cities. Los Angeles tops the list with up to 63,700 unhoused individuals, followed by San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and Phoenix.

Ranking Cities by Homelessness

Continuing the list, San Jose, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and New York City also struggle with significant homeless populations.

More Cities with High Homelessness

Efforts to address these issues aim to break the cycle of poverty. Organizations like Feeding America work to estimate food insecurity and costs, informing decisions to ensure equitable access to nutritious food.

The Fight Against Hunger and Homelessness

The challenges of hunger and homelessness are deeply intertwined, requiring comprehensive solutions. It's a call to action to ensure everyone has access to nutritious food and a safe place to call home, helping create a brighter future for all.