As the Israel-Hamas War enters its 20th day, the world is fixated on the potential ground invasion of Gaza. The delay in the invasion is raising questions about the reasons behind it.

High Stakes of Ground Invasion

For Gaza, a ground invasion could escalate the already devastating humanitarian crisis. For Israel, it poses a political gamble, potentially plunging them into a wider regional conflict.

Humanitarian Concerns and Political Risks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remains keen on a ground invasion, but the timing remains undisclosed. The decision is determined by a consensus within the war cabinet.

Netanyahu's Caution and Plans

The delay in the ground invasion has raised concerns and speculation. It remains unclear whether the cause is related to political fallout or military considerations.

International Influence Attempts

Attempts to influence Israel's decision-making were made at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), where two rival proposals were presented, both vetoed by opposing parties

UN Security Council Standoff

While international community grapples with the delay, tensions escalate on the ground. Clashes along the Israel-Lebanon border and tensions with Hezbollah and Syria raise concerns about a two-front war

Escalating Tensions on Ground

Global support for Israel is waning. French President Emmanuel Macron expressed concerns, stating that a massive ground invasion risking civilian lives would be a mistake for both Israel and regional stability

Waning Global Support for Israel

In the Muslim world, opposition to Israel is hardening. Turkey's President Erdogan significantly altered his stance, now openly supporting Hamas and referring to them as a "Liberation group

International Criticism and Changing Sentiments

The United States remains a pivotal factor in Israel's strategy, providing weapons and diplomatic cover but also influencing Israel's military actions

Pivotal Role of United States

As the world watches and speculates about the timing of a ground invasion in Gaza, it is clear that Israel's decisions will be influenced by a complex web of political and military factors

Weight of Israel's Decisions

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