Gaza, once vibrant, now lies in ruins after 20 days of airstrikes.

The Devastation

An airstrike on a refugee camp killed over 20 people, including a journalist's family.

A Day of Loss

Despair permeates Gaza as no place offers safety from the ongoing airstrikes.

No Safe Place

Over the course of the last 20 days, Israel has struck more than 7,000 targets. In just 24 hours, Israeli forces bombed 250 sites in Gaza.

The Assault

Survivors face a life forever changed with families torn apart and a healthcare system at breaking point.

Surviving the Aftermath

The airstrikes and resource shortage in hospitals exacerbate the crisis.

Healthcare Crisis

Israel maintains that it is targeting Hamas locations which are often in civilian areas.

Israel's Standpoint

As the conflict escalates, Gaza's people brace for more hardships and loss of life.

Looking Ahead

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