Technology is always one step ahead, and rules are playing catch-up. This is evident in the current trend of deep fakes.

The Race Between Technology and Rules: A Deep Dive into Deep Fake

The Indian IT Minister has given social media companies a seven-day deadline to address the problem of deep fakes, expecting 100% compliance.

India's Stand on Deep Fake

A special officer is being appointed to register complaints about deep fakes, and a dedicated website is being set up to help file FIRs against entities posting deep fakes.

New Measure

Sony is developing an in-camera authenticity technology that works like a digital signature for photos, planning to roll out the feature by 2024.

Sony's In-Camera Authenticity Technology

Deep fakes must be identified and removed before they go viral. It's not just about taking them down; it's about taking them down fast.

The Challenge for Social Media

Rules alone cannot solve this problem; technology is needed as well. Only a combination of the two can tackle deep fakes.


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