The incident alarmed the US. President Joe Biden reaffirmed the US's ironclad defense commitment to the Philippines under a 1951 treaty.

Biden's Ironclad Commitment

Top officials from the US and China have been meeting regularly. They're planning a meeting between Joe Biden and Xi Jinping.

Diplomatic Maneuvers

 China responded to Biden's speech. Mao Ning, Spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said the US has no right to get involved in the South China Sea issue.

 China's Response

The South China Sea Dispute:* China claims everything within its infamous nine-dash line in the South China Sea. This goes against international law.

The South China Sea Dispute

The Need for US Protection:* Countries like the Philippines cannot fight China on their own and need help from the US. They've let Washington set up bases and alliances all over the region.

The Need for US Protection

Biden said they're not trying to surround China but just making sure that the sea lanes remain open. If Beijing wants the US to stay out of the South China Sea, it needs to give up its expansionist tendencies.

Biden's Explanation