Belgium's Justice Minister resigns due to mounting pressure regarding a high-profile case involving the killing of two Swedish citizens by an Islamic State member.

1. Resignation Amid Pressure

In 2020, Belgian authorities ignored Tunisia's extradition request for a 45-year-old gunman who later carried out a terrorist attack targeting Swedish football fans in Brussels. The attack led to fatalities and the abandonment of a European Championship football match.

2. Shocking Negligence Revealed

Upon resignation, the minister took full political responsibility for what he called an "inexcusable error.

3. Accepting Responsibility

The assailant, Al Gulani, claimed responsibility for the attack on Instagram. He had been residing illegally in Belgium and had connections to people smuggling into Britain.

4. Attacker's Background

Belgian prosecutors link the attack to "episodes of Quran desecration in Sweden." This incident raises questions about Belgium's security measures and ability to prevent terrorism, amid concerns over national security during the Israel-Hamas conflict.

5. Motive and National Security Concerns:*

The case highlights the importance of collaboration and information sharing in the fight against terrorism. It also questions the responsiveness of justice systems to international extradition requests.

6. International Cooperation and Justice Systems

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