A children's bowling league was underway when a gunman walked into the bowling alley and shot at least seven people.

The Bowling Alley Incident

The gunman moved on to a nearby bar and opened fire again, killing at least 16 people. At least 50 people have also been injured. The suspect is still on the run.

The Second Attack

Mike Sauschuck, Department of Public Safety Commissioner said hundreds of police officers are working to locate the person of interest. Mike Brown, Sacramento King’s Head Coach expressed his grief over the recurring incidents.

The Response

As of October, 565 mass shootings have been reported in the US in 2023. Every day, 120 Americans die from a gun shooting - that's an average of 43,372 deaths per year.

The Gun Epidemic

The US has a lot of guns - at least 27 American states allow residents to carry a handgun without a permit. In 2018, about 390 million guns were in circulation in the US.

Gun Ownership in the US

Despite the carnage, the US refuses to fix its gun epidemic. The public and politicians are all divided on this issue.

The Divided Stand on Gun Control