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Another U.S. Mass Shooting

Another U.S. Mass Shooting

The Unending Cycle of Violence

Colorado, Illinois, and Louisiana – these are all US states that became victims of mass shootings this week. But the week isn’t over yet, neither are the shootings. Now, the state of Maine has become the latest victim. A gunman opened fire at a bowling alley and a restaurant yesterday, killing at least 16 people, 22 according to some reports, and injuring at least 50 others. The suspect is currently on the run. The person of interest is a 40-year-old firearms instructor named Robert Card. Now several cities in Maine are on lockdown and a massive police manhunt is underway.

Another U.S. Mass Shooting

The Bowling Alley Incident

It was just another Wednesday evening at a bowling alley in Maine. A children’s bowling league was underway when suddenly the excitement in the air was replaced by fear. A gunman simply walked into the bowling alley and shot at least seven people, causing chaos.

A witness recounts the horrifying incident: “Well we’re inside and [it’s] snow night of bowling and out of nowhere he just came in and there was a loud pop. Thought it was a balloon. I had my back turned to the door um and as soon as I turned and saw it was not a balloon he was holding a weapon.”

Another U.S. Mass Shooting

Survivors say it took the police about 10 minutes to reach the scene. By then, the gunman had escaped but only to pick his second target.

The Second Attack

The gunman moved on to a nearby bar and opened fire again, this time killing at least 16 people. Reports say the number could be higher. At least 50 people have also been injured. The suspect is still on the run.Another U.S. Mass Shooting

According to the police, this man is the person of interest – he’s a 40-year-old firearms instructor who was trained by the US military. Several cities in Maine are in lockdown and a massive manhunt is underway.

The Response

Mike Sauschuck, Department of Public Safety Commissioner said: “We have literally hundreds of police officers working around the state of Maine uh to investigate this case to locate Mr Robert Card who again is a person of interest and a person of interest only.”Another U.S. Mass Shooting

Mike Brown, Sacramento King’s Head Coach expressed his grief: “I don’t know everything that’s going on but uh I’m not that smart but I know we as a country got to do something… it’s sad that we sit here and watch this happen Time After Time… if we can’t do anything to fix this it’s over for our country for this to happen time after time.”Another U.S. Mass Shooting

The Gun Epidemic

Just this week three US states saw mass shootings. As of October, 565 mass shootings have been reported in the US in 2023. At this rate, it will eclipse the 2021 record which stood at 686 incidents of mass shootings.

Every day, 120 Americans die from a gun shooting – that’s an average of 43,372 deaths per year. No other high-income country suffers from such a high death toll from gun violence.Another U.S. Mass Shooting

The US gun homicide rate is 26 times that of other high-income countries; even the gun suicide rate is nearly 12 times higher.Another U.S. Mass Shooting

The US has a lot of guns – at least 27 American states allow residents to carry a handgun without a permit. In 2018, about 390 million guns were in circulation in the US – that’s about 120 firearms per 100 residents but that number has likely increased since one in five households purchased a gun during the pandemic.Another U.S. Mass Shooting

More guns mean more deaths because of it but despite the carnage, the US refuses to fix its gun epidemic. The public and politicians are all divided on this issue – prevention is better than cure but when it comes to guns, America seems interested in neitherAnother U.S. Mass Shooting

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