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The Underground Tunnels of Hamas

The Underground Tunnels of Hamas

The underground tunnels of Hamas have been a subject of intense scrutiny and speculation. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of these tunnels, their purpose, and their impact on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The Underground Tunnels of Hamas

The Planning PhaseThe Underground Tunnels of Hamas

Hamas’s planning for the use of these tunnels was extensive and secretive, beginning almost two years ago. Despite Israel’s constant surveillance of Hamas leaders on their devices, the planning for this operation was carried out using old-school methods like landlines and in-person meetings, which may explain why Israel was blindsided.The Underground Tunnels of Hamas

The Tunnels

The tunnels run across the Gaza Strip and are equipped with landlines, allowing Hamas terrorists to communicate without the use of mobile phones or computers. According to a report by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), since taking control of the Gaza Strip nearly 20 years ago, Hamas has built a network of tunnels from Gaza City all the way down to Khan Yunis and Rafah.The Underground Tunnels of HamasThe Underground Tunnels of Hamas Hamas claims there are 1,300 tunnels below Gaza, forming a network that is 500 km long. Some of these tunnels are up to 70 m deep and around 2 m wide. To put this into context, the entire Gaza Strip is around 41 km long.

The Purpose of the TunnelsThe Underground Tunnels of Hamas

The first tunnels were constructed during Israel’s occupation of Gaza as a classic resistance strategy. More tunnels were built after Hamas took over, primarily for smuggling goods due to the full blockade on Gaza. Many of these tunnels led from Gaza to Israel. One such tunnel was discovered in 2013 when residents at an Israeli border town complained of noises.The Underground Tunnels of HamasThe Underground Tunnels of Hamas

During wars, these tunnels pose major threats as they can be booby-trapped or used for ambushes. In the 2021 war, the IDF claimed to have destroyed 100 km of tunnels.

The Hostages

Reports suggest that Hamas is holding hostages in these same tunnels. Two hostages were released recently, describing the tunnels as extensive and humid, with many branching paths like a spider web.The Underground Tunnels of Hamas

The Challenges for Israel

Historically, tunnel warfare has been impossible. Sending in soldiers is like walking into an obvious trap. Using bunker-buster bombs is not feasible because civilians live above these tunnels. Furthermore, Israel does not have a complete map of these tunnels as they are hundreds of kilometers long.The Underground Tunnels of Hamas

In conclusion, the underground tunnels of Hamas present a complex challenge in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Their extensive network and strategic use make them a significant asset for Hamas and a considerable concern for Israel.The Underground Tunnels of Hamas

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