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Pakistan Air Force Attacked: 3 Jets Destroyed

A group of terrorists has targeted an air force training base in central Pakistan’s Mianwali Airbase but troops foiled the attack, killing nine of the attackers, according to Pakistan’s military.

INTRODUCTIONAttack on Pak Airbase

9 militants attacked an air force training base in the central Pakistani area of Mianwali, Punjab on Saturday morning. According to the Reuters news agency, three militants were killed before they entered the base and the other three had been cornered. Three aircraft and a fuelling tanker have been damaged in the latest terror attack.

Attack on Mianwali Air Force BaseAttack on Pak Airbase

On Saturday 4th November, a predawn militant raid on an air force training base in Mianwali caused significant damage, including to 3 “non-operational” aircraft. The security forces thwarted the attack, with security personnel killing 3 assailants before they entered the base. The attackers were cornered before the clearance operation began, but no casualties amongst security personnel were reported.

In a statement, the Pakistan Army said that Mianwali Training Airbase of Pakistani Army was attacked by terrorists but soldiers foiled it by killing three of the attackers and cornering three others. The statement by Pak Army also said that during the attack, some damage to three already grounded aircraft and fuel Bowser also occurred.The attack comes after a series of terror strikes that killed at least 14 soldiers in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Attack on Pak Airbase

A new militant group called the Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan claimed responsibility for plotting the attack on the air force base in Mianwali. This group has carried out several high-profile raids against security forces in recent months, including an attack on a military base in southwestern Baluchistan province that resulted in the deaths of 12 Pakistani soldiers in July.

Attack on Security Convoy in GwadarAttack on Pak Airbase

At least 14 Pakistani soldiers were killed on Friday when militants ambushed two vehicles carrying security forces from Pasni to Ormara, the country’s restive south-western province of Balochistan. Friday’s toll is the heaviest suffered by the military in Balochistan province this year where separatists and militants have stepped up their attacks since a ceasefire deal between the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the Pakistan government ended in November 2022.

Security Challenges in PakistanAttack on Pak Airbase

The  security situation in Pakistan is complex and compounded by several factors. The porous border with Afghanistan and the presence of various militant groups in the region make it difficult to secure the borders effectively. Pakistan has accused Afghanistan of harboring terrorists who plan and launch attacks from Afghan soil, a charge that the Afghan Taliban in Kabul has denied. Moreover, the issue of repatriating 1.8 million undocumented Afghan migrants, primarily in the tribal regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, poses a significant challenge. These migrants have strong ethnic and familial ties in Pakistan, and asking them to return to Afghanistan is met with resistance. The situation has strained the relationship between the two countries and adds to Pakistan’s security concerns.

The Ongoing Security ChallengesAttack on Pakistan Airbase

Islamic extremism is one of the greatest security threats in Pakistan. These extremist militant groups have carried out numerous attacks in Pakistan recently. These attacks underscore the persistent threat of terrorism in Pakistan, with a particular focus on the country’s border regions. Pakistan’s government and military continue to face complex security challenges, especially regarding border security and the emergence of new militant groups.

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