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Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

Nepal Earthquake Hits AgainNepal, India’s northern neighbor, is currently grappling with a series of devastating earthquakes. The first tremor, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, struck Western Nepal on Friday, resulting in significant loss of life and leaving many homeless. The destruction was widespread, with hundreds of houses collapsing and many people forced to sleep in the harsh mountain cold.Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

The Nightmare Continues

Unfortunately, the nightmare is far from over. The nation has been experiencing aftershocks, including a significant one that occurred today on 6 November, measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale. This is not the first time Nepal has had to deal with earthquakes. In fact, the country has witnessed 7 deadly quakes in the last 8 years. The most devastating of these occurred in 2015, claiming over 9,000 lives.Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

Why Are Earthquakes Common in this Region?

Countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan frequently experience earthquakes. The reason for this lies in the geographical processes that formed the Himalayas. The Earth’s crust, the topmost layer, is like a cracked eggshell, with pieces known as tectonic plates floating on a larger layer of molten rock called the mantle.Nepal Earthquake Hits AgainNepal Earthquake Hits Again

The mantle’s flow causes these tectonic plates to collide, pushing against each other and forming mountains. This is how the Himalayas were formed, and the process is still ongoing, causing the mountain range to grow every year. However, this process also generates tremendous pressure, which eventually releases in the form of earthquakes.Nepal Earthquake Hits AgainNepal Earthquake Hits Again

The Humanitarian Crisis

The current state of Western Nepal is dire, with dozens dead, hundreds of homes in ruins, and thousands sleeping in the open. Many Nepali people are still waiting for help. The government is trying to reach all the affected areas, but many are remote villages, often with just one road connecting them to the outside world.Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

The earthquake occurred in Nepal’s Jajarkot District, about 400 km away from the capital, Kathmandu. The area is mountainous and sparsely populated, filled with hard-to-reach villages. Landslides caused by the earthquakes have isolated many of these settlements, forcing Nepal to rely on helicopters to reach them.Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

The Future

The lack of connectivity may cause the death toll to rise in the days to come. At present, it stands at about 150, with over 180 people injured. If rescue work continues to be delayed, these numbers will likely increase. The situation will also worsen if Nepal continues to experience earthquake aftershocks.Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

Today’s aftershock occurred at about 4:30 p.m. local time, measuring 5.6 on the Richter scale. The tremors could be felt in India’s capital, New Delhi, which is about 800 km away from the epicenter of the recent earthquakes. This means people in Nepal experienced another devastating blow.Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

The deadliest quake in recent years took place in April 2015. That quake and an aftershock a few weeks later left over 9,000 people dead. It dealt a severe blow to Nepal’s economy. Friday’s earthquake may not have the same impact, but it’s just as devastating for those caught in the epicenter.

Nepal Earthquake Hits Again

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