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“India’s Leap into the Future: Unveiling the New Era of Space Science and Defense”

Welcome to Our First Defense Summit: Future Forward Now

Today marks a significant milestone as we inaugurate our first-ever Defense Summit, titled “Future Forward Now.” We are honored to have with us Professor Sanjay Upadhi, the esteemed head of the Center for Space Science and Technology at IIT RI.


Hello, Professor Upadhi, and welcomewe


Space, often referred to as the final frontier, is increasingly becoming a strategic domain in modern warfare. Professor Upadhi, could you enlighten us on how your department is addressing this evolving landscape?


“Indeed, the realm of space is vast and complex. Our faculty members are diligently working on space-related programs, including defense-related projects. In collaboration with ISRO since 2019, we’ve been part of groundbreaking projects, contributing our expertise in various domains. Recently, we’ve established the Center for Space Science and Technology, inaugurated by ISRO Chairman S. Somat. Our center boasts 14 joint faculty members specializing in lightweight materials, space structures, lunar missions, and the Chandrayaan and Gaganyaan missions, with a focus on defense applications,” explains Professor Upadhi.


The Center has also initiated a Ph.D. program to foster research-oriented studies. “As we embark on the new Academic Year 2024, we’re excited to launch a unique Master’s program in Space Science and Technology, concentrating solely on space-related challenges,” he adds.


With the end of the Cold War, space was envisioned as a cooperative domain. However, the recent resurgence in competitiveness raises questions about India’s role in this new space race.


“Our goal aligns with the Indian government’s National Space Policy of 2023. We’re committed to advancing ISRO’s projects, fostering competition, and positioning India on the global stage,” asserts Professor Upadhi.


When asked about collaboration, he confirms India’s eagerness to partner with other nations. “We’ve recently established academic collaborations with the University of Brisbane and the University of Adelaide. We’re optimistic about future partnerships that will further our collective space endeavors.”


Thank you, Professor Upadhi, for sharing your insights with us at this pivotal Defense Summit.


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