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Gaza in Ruins | Destruction | 20 Days of Airstrikes

Gaza, a place of vibrant culture and history, now lies in ruins. After enduring 20 days of relentless airstrikes, it has been completely transformed into a landscape of devastation. No corner of this territory has been spared, and no one is safe. The worst may yet be to come. In this article, we will delve into the heartbreaking situation in Gaza, where every day is a struggle for survival.

Gaza in Ruins- day 20 of war

A Perilous Day

Just yesterday, Israel conducted an airstrike that hit a refugee camp, resulting in the tragic deaths of more than 20 people, including the family of Wael al-Dahdouh, a journalist. Al-Dahdouh had been courageously reporting on the war when he received the devastating news about his family. They had been displaced after Israel issued a warning for all civilians in Northern Gaza to evacuate, affecting over a million people. Al-Dahdouh’s family had moved to Central Gaza for safety, but even there, they were not spared.

Gaza in ruinsGaza in ruins -

Nowhere is Safe

The story in Gaza is one of despair, with no place offering safety. From the north to the central and southern regions, all parts have become targets of the ongoing airstrikes. This tiny strip of land, measuring barely 41 kilometers in length, leaves its residents with limited room to escape the relentless bombings.

Gaza in Ruins- day 20 of war

Relentless Assault

In the past 24 hours alone, Israeli forces have bombed a staggering 250 sites in Gaza, according to the Israeli Defense Force. This marks one of the most intense military campaigns of the 21st century. Over the course of the last 20 days, Israel has struck more than 7,000 targets, resulting in over 7,000 casualties. Among the victims are journalists, medical workers, teachers, UN staff, and tragically, more than 2,700 children. Most Gazans have lost their homes, with almost half of all housing units in Gaza either damaged or completely destroyed.

Gaza in Ruins- day 20 of war

A Grim Reality

For those who have survived, life will never be the same. Families have been torn apart by death or physical separation. The challenges are evident, with identifying the deceased becoming increasingly difficult. Children, like the one in the picture wearing a bracelet, carry grim markers of their identity. In the chaos and destruction, many victims are buried with numbers, as names fade away.

Gaza in ruins

Healthcare Crisis

It’s not just the airstrikes that are claiming lives; the shortage of resources in hospitals is exacerbating the crisis. Healthcare workers in Gaza are overwhelmed, and the system is at its breaking point. There’s a dire shortage of medicines, fuel, and essential supplies. Reports indicate that 12 out of 35 hospitals in Gaza are not functioning, while the seven major hospitals are well beyond capacity. With closed borders, patients cannot be transferred for treatment.

Gaza in ruins

Israel’s Perspective

The criticism against Israel is mounting, with Palestinians alleging that Israeli forces are targeting civilians rather than Hamas. Israel counters this argument, stating that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) is hitting Hamas targets specifically, and it so happens that these targets are often located in civilian areas. Hamas’s history of using civilians as human shields and building military infrastructure in civilian areas is a factor Israel emphasizes. From Israel’s standpoint, these airstrikes are an operational necessity to weaken Hamas’s infrastructure before any potential ground invasion.

Israel hamas war Gaza in ruins -

The Grim Outlook

As the conflict in Gaza continues to escalate, the days ahead hold more bloodshed and further loss of life. The situation is expected to worsen before it has a chance to get better. The international community watches with concern as the people of Gaza face unimaginable hardships, clinging to hope for a resolution to this ongoing tragedy.

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