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Deepfakes -India Issues Deadline to Big Tech

Deepfakes - India Issues Deadline to Big TechDeepfakes - India Issues Deadline to Big Tech

In the ever-evolving world of technology, there is a constant race between the development of new technologies and the establishment of rules to govern them. This phenomenon is not new; it has been observed since the advent of the internet, the explosion of social media, and now, with the current trend of Deep fakes. Invariably, technology takes the lead, and rules are left playing catch-up.

India’s Stand on Deep Fakes

The Indian government is making strides to address this issue. The Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Rajeev Chandrasekhar recently held talks with social media companies, giving them a 7-day deadline to address the problem of deep fakes.

Deepfakes - India Issues Deadline to Big Tech

The Minister expects 100% compliance, stating, “We look forward to working in partnership with these platforms and we look forward to an era where they will be a lot more responsible and lot more responsive to the expectations under the law and lot more compliant. We have made it very clear today that we will be expecting 100% compliance of the law and we will use our enforcement tools to ensure that the 100% of the law is complied with.”

Deepfakes - India Issues Deadline to Big Tech

This strong warning is accompanied by two significant changes. Firstly, a Special officer is being appointed to register complaints about deep fakes. Secondly, a dedicated website is being set up to help file FIRs against entities posting deep fakes, whether it’s an individual, a group, or the platforms themselves. The idea is to make it easy to flag deep fakes on social media. The government has also announced that more rules and regulations are in the pipeline, with a plan to be unveiled in the next 10 days.

Deepfakes - India Issues Deadline to Big Tech

Sony’s In-Camera Authenticity Technology

In the quest to prevent deep fakes, Sony is developing an In-camera authenticity technology. This technology works like a digital signature; every photo clicked will have a signature, and if it doesn’t, it could be a deep fake. Sony has conducted 2 rounds of tests in collaboration with the news agency Associated Press. The company plans to roll out the feature by 2024.

Deepfakes - India Issues Deadline to Big Tech

However, this solution may be limited as most people use smartphones to click pictures, not professional cameras. The question remains whether this feature can be replicated easily and introduced in low-cost phones. If not, more work needs to be done.

The Challenge for Social Media

Deep fakes must be identified and removed before they go viral. This is the same challenge as Hate speech. It’s not just about taking them down; it’s about taking them down fast. Governments are thinking about it. Just last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about deep fakes, stating they could cause major disturbances. India’s IT Ministry has now gone one step ahead, calling it a new threat to democracy. Deepfakes - India Issues Deadline to Big Tech


The focus is there; it’s now about creating the right rules and taking the right help. Rules alone cannot solve this problem; technology is needed as well. Only a combination of the two can tackle deep fakes. As we move forward, it’s crucial to remember that while technology may always be one step ahead, it’s better late than never when it comes to establishing rules to govern it.

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