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Belgian Justice Minister Resigns | Terrorist Attack

Belgian Justice Minister Resigns Amid Controversy Over Handling of Terrorist Attack Case

In a dramatic turn of events, Belgium’s Justice Minister has announced his resignation, a move prompted by mounting pressure on the government’s handling of a high-profile case involving the killing of two Swedish citizens by a member of the Islamic State. The minister’s resignation unveiled shocking details of negligence within the Belgian Justice system.

Belgian Justice Minister Resigns

The Justice Minister disclosed that in 2020, Belgian authorities had neglected a request from Tunisia to extradite a 45-year-old gunman who later committed a horrifying act of terrorism. The assailant had targeted Swedish fans who were in Brussels to watch Belgium face Sweden in a European Championship football match. The attack not only resulted in the tragic loss of lives but also led to the game’s abandonment.


Upon announcing his resignation, the minister accepted full political responsibility for what he described as an “inexcusable error” in the administration’s response to the attack. Belgium’s Prime Minister labeled the incident as a “brutal terrorist attack.”


The assailant, known as Al Gulani, claimed responsibility for the attack on his Instagram account. It was revealed that he had been illegally residing in Belgium after failed attempts to seek asylum in 2019. Al Gulani was also known to Belgian authorities in connection to aiding and abetting people smuggling into Britain.


The attack sent Belgium into high alert, raising concerns over national security amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. However, Belgian prosecutors have suggested that the motive behind the shooting was linked to what they referred to as “the episodes of Quran desecration in Sweden.”


This shocking revelation has cast a shadow of doubt on Belgium’s handling of security matters and its ability to prevent terrorist acts. It remains to be seen how the government will address the aftermath of this disturbing incident and its impact on the nation.


This incident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of effective collaboration and information sharing in the fight against terrorism, and raises questions about the responsiveness of justice systems to international requests for extradition.

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