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How a small bakery got a slice of Tesla’s pie

How a small bakery got a slice of Tesla’s pie

A small bakery in California landed a dream order from the auto giant Tesla, but the deal turned sour when the company canceled the order at the last minute. However, thanks to the intervention of Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, the bakery owner got a sweet compensation and a boost in business.

A pie in the sky

The Giving Pies is a bakery in San Jose, California, that specializes in mini pies made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. The owner, Voahangy Rasetarinera, started the business in 2018 after moving from Madagascar to the US. She wanted to share her passion for baking and her family recipes with the community.

On Valentine’s Day, 2024, Rasetarinera received a phone call from a Tesla employee named Laura, who placed a large order for 2,000 pies for a company event. The order was worth $6,000, a huge sum for the small bakery. Rasetarinera was thrilled and agreed to deliver the pies the next day.

She called in her staff early, bought extra supplies, and worked overtime to prepare the pies. She also turned down other catering orders for Black History Month events, as she wanted to focus on the Tesla order.

However, things took a dramatic turn when Laura called again on Thursday evening and doubled the order to 4,000 pies, saying that money was not an issue. Rasetarinera was skeptical, but Laura assured her that Tesla would pay for the pies. Rasetarinera sent several invoices to Laura, but did not receive any confirmation or payment.

On Friday morning, Rasetarinera was shocked to receive a text message from Laura, saying that the order was canceled and that she was sorry for the inconvenience. Rasetarinera tried to call Laura, but she did not answer. She realized that she had been left with 4,000 pies and no payment.

A bitter taste

Rasetarinera felt betrayed and angry. She had invested time, resources, and effort based on Tesla’s assurances, only to be left high and dry. She had lost money, customers, and reputation. She decided to share her story on Instagram, hoping to get some support and sympathy from her followers.

She posted a video of herself holding a pie with a Tesla logo on it, and explained what had happened. She also tagged Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, and asked him to make things right. She said that she was not asking for charity, but for justice.

Her video went viral, and soon thousands of people commented on it. Many people expressed their outrage at Tesla’s behavior and praised Rasetarinera for her courage and honesty. Some people even offered to buy her pies or donate money to her bakery. Others, however, blamed Rasetarinera for not taking a deposit or having a cancellation policy. They said that she was naive and irresponsible, and that she should have known better than to trust Tesla.

A sweet surprise

Among the thousands of comments, one stood out. It was from Elon Musk himself. He said that he had just heard about the incident, and that he would make things good with the bakery. He said that people should always be able to count on Tesla trying its best.

Rasetarinera was stunned and delighted. She replied to Musk, thanking him for his response and his generosity. She said that she appreciated his gesture and his respect for small businesses.

A few hours later, Rasetarinera received a notification from PayPal. Tesla had paid her $2,000, the amount that she had spent on the ingredients and the staff. She was overjoyed and relieved. She posted another video on Instagram, showing the payment and thanking Musk and Tesla for their fairness and kindness.

She also thanked everyone who had supported her and her bakery. She said that she was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and the love that she had received. She said that she was grateful for the opportunity to share her pies with more people, and that she hoped to see them at her bakery soon.

A happy ending

The story of the Giving Pies and Tesla became a sensation on social media and the news. Many people praised Elon Musk for his intervention and his generosity. They said that he was a visionary and a humanitarian, and that he had shown his true colors. They also applauded Rasetarinera for her resilience and her passion. They said that she was an inspiration and a role model, and that she had shown the power of social media.

The publicity also boosted the sales and the reputation of the Giving Pies. Rasetarinera said that she had received hundreds of orders and inquiries from customers all over the country. She said that she had hired more staff and expanded her menu to meet the demand. She said that she was happy and proud of her bakery, and that she was looking forward to the future.

The story of the Giving Pies and Tesla is a reminder that sometimes, humanity’s sweet side can shine through like a beacon of hope or just a really good pie. It is also a lesson that sometimes, a pie in the sky can become a reality.

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