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AI: The New Fortune Teller

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various fields, from driving cars to doing homework, and now it has added another feather to its cap – fortune telling. Yes, you read that right. With each passing day, AI is proving its mettle in a new area. The latest development in this regard is a groundbreaking AI model that can predict the future.

Life2Vec: The Groundbreaking AI Model

An AI model named Life2Vec has been created by scientists, and its functionality bears resemblance to that of Chat GPT, where the user inputs a query and the AI responds. Life2Vec has been trained on the life stories of over 6 million people, including their health and labor market data. This data provided crucial information about individuals, such as their educational background, health history, and current occupation and income.

With this wealth of personal data, Life2Vec can now predict the future. It can understand users’ personality types, predict their future health, their potential income, and even their lifespan. It can also identify if they’re at risk of an early death.

AI: The New Fortune Teller

Predicting Life: A Language for Technology

According to scientists, predicting life is much like understanding a language for technology. Human life is a long sequence of events, and understanding how and why they connect can reveal a lot about one’s life. This is similar to how language works. Each sentence has a series of words and a structure. For AI, language or codes are of utmost importance, and it uses the same mechanism to help with fortune telling.

Life2Vec: A Step Ahead

While there are several AI tools that can predict things like illnesses, Life2Vec stands out for its accuracy. It’s more efficient than other similar AI systems, with predictions that are 11% more accurate.

However, like any other AI model, there is a risk of misuse. Scientists have issued a word of caution, stating that this AI model could be used by insurance companies. The entire idea of insurance is based on the lack of knowledge about unfortunate situations like accidents or deaths. If insurance companies can predict health concerns among consumers or when they would die, they may use it to their benefit, especially to price their policies. This raises major ethical concerns. AI: The New Fortune Teller

The Need for AI Guard Rails

Like most things, AI guard rails are important. Unfortunately, technology is moving faster than policymaking. But with the right rules and guidelines, Life2Vec could be a useful tool.

The only question is, if you could take a peek into the future, would you?

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